Latvian Elf Unit

Veritas liberat

This site informs about our mission, provides theoretical and practical knowledge, publishes results and reports on the news from the information war.

Do trolls work on our Internet portals? There is no doubt about it – this is part of the information war that Russia is waging against us as long as there is a democratic Europe ruled by law. Trolls and bots – the automated programming systems as part of state propaganda machinery have become particularly noticeable since the 2013/14 events in Ukraine. Their provocative, misleading and slanderous comments can only be countered by spreading true information and educating the audience of social networks.

Information can also be used to defend the country against the aggressor. The information war is a battle for the minds and hearts of the people. Fellow people make their choices based on information they consume. If they are unable to sort out veritable information, they will probably make their choices based on what the manipulator is telling. You can loose your country not only when aggressor troops enter it. Deceived, fooled we can run into nonsensical votes, demonstrations, referenda, when the enemy defeats us with our own hands.

We exchange relevant information from trusted, objective sources – recognized international media, serious academic studies, and openly accessible official databases mainly through Facebook and make our own storage of files available here.