Elf's Manual

Cognoscetis Veritatem et

Veritas Liberabit Vos 1

1. Our aim

We want to protect the Latvian state from the lies of Russian propaganda and manipulative influences that undermine its security and threaten prosperity.

We see necessary to educate ourselves and to educate the fellow citizens of Latvia in order they would not make ill-considered decisions under the influence of distorted information.

Our strength is unity, our weapon – verified information and knowledge, our battlefield – the fight against lies, fallacies and manipulation of public opinion.

2. Influence of Russia

Many countries and national unions are trying to globally influence the situation to gain political, security or economic benefits. Most of these effects are expressed in various forms of soft power. With the cyber attack on Estonia, the invasion of Georgia, the support of separatists in the war against Ukraine, the military support for the Syrian dictator Russia launched its policy of influence on an unprecedented level, causing several wars and demanding a new world order. These efforts represent a threat of a hybrid warfare for those countries that Russia considers to be in its sphere of influence, including Latvia. Due to the threat of war, we are forced to address the assessment of Russia’s influence.

Russia uses its influence in neighbouring countries by a number of techniques, and the warfare is only a continuation of this policy of influence. The influence as such will be always directed so the internal decisions are taken in its interest.


In this case, the target of Russia are the rights of Latvian residents to influence politics in their country. Why use rockets if the people themselves, with their choice in a referendum, elections or mass riots, replace government for another one, more accommodating Russia or willingly disarm and withdraw from NATO? All you need is to deceive, confuse, intimidate, and persuade about what is right. Not working? Then you divide society by antagonizing it within on ethnic, linguistic, legal, historical, social, or any other issues and again – confuse, intimidate, convince and achieve your own goal.


Good business works not only about profit, but also about protecting fair principles. If it is only about profit, why not trade a little of Latvia’s independence in exchange for material gains from Russia? Then owners of big businesses just need to support Russia’s ideas at the necessary time, the solutions proposed to fall in more dependence on Russia, or to sponsor an event favourable to Russia.

State leadership

Russian officials speak one but do another thing. Russia’s cooperation offers should be carefully assessed, whether there are no other objectives behind them. Corruption of political leaders or their business interests with Russia can lead to the ‘thieving of the state’. On an individual basis, politicians may or may not like the behaviour of the Russian authorities, but decisions must be taken in the interests of their own country and people.

1 “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32